The Chosen Two collects the fanfics about the two Slayers written in French or in English by French-speaking people.
The fanfics below are those written in English. For French ones, see French version.

Amy Dias "Feels Like Home" PG-13
Buffy and Faith get together, but will this be for ever?
Amy Dias "Before It Felt Like Home"

(sequel to "Feels Like Home")

Buffy and Faith get together... or not.
Elegy "Alike" NC-17
Faith comes back to Sunnydale to try and put things right with Buffy.
Elegy "The Choice"

(sequel to "Alike")

After having returned to Sunnydale and having turned Buffy's life upside down, Faith fled to L.A....
Elegy "Through You" PG-13
Poem expressing Faith's bitter thoughts about Buffy and their relationship.
Elegy "Inner Walls" NC-17
Faith goes to jail after her confession...
Elegy "The Circle of the Instant" PG-13
Buffy meets Faith. In just one day, anything can happen...
Elegy "The Bites of Lust" NC-17
Rejected by Buffy, Faith is captured by Spike...
Vincent Fretin "Il Maestro" PG-13
The beast in Buffy has been unleashed...
Vincent Fretin "Fairy, Lullaby and Switch"

(sequel to "Il Maestro")

Buffy has to save Faith from the demons of her past awakened by Il Maestro...
Vincent Fretin "Old Game"

(sequel to "Fairy, Lullaby and Switch")

After their last fight against Il Maestro, Buffy and Faith leave Sunnydale so as to learn more about the people who hired the killer. While the feelings between the two Slayers grow, the Scoobies have to face terrible adversaries.
Vincent Fretin "Chosen"

(sequel to "Old Game")

Things are bad for the Scooby Gang: Sunnydale is trapped in the eye of a cyclone, the Scourge is everywhere and the Slayers are in England. In the meantime, Faith and Buffy, who are finally a couple, try to find a way to enter Sunnydale with the help of Angel and the mysterious Andrea.
Vincent Fretin "Lives Are Like Cigarettes"

(sequel to "Chosen")

Vincent Fretin "Dragons, Dolphins and Butterflies"

(sequel to "Lives Are Like Cigarettes")

Vincent Fretin "Thoughts" G
Buffy and Faith get married.
Vincent Fretin "147 Days" G
Buffy goes to heaven and met someone she did not think to find there...
Vincent Fretin "Taste of Childhood" PG-13
Two mysterious beings coming from the Slayers' past have decided to bring the Slayers together, too proud to get back in touch with each other.
Vincent Fretin "Maturity"

(sequel to "A Taste of Childhood")

After decided to give another chance to their friendship, Buffy and Faith really learn to know each other.
Vincent Fretin "Gardens in the Desert" PG-13
After getting to sleep, Buffy finds herself in another person's skin living in Babylon. Having lost her Slayer powers, she finally meets the woman considered as the one and only Slayer, Faith, also prisoner in this strange reality. Is it a dream, another dimension or something else? The two Slayers will have to collaborate to find the truth in a city full of evil forces.
Vincent Fretin "And A Fire Burned The Night"

(sequel to "Gardens in the Desert")

After the events in Babylon, the two Slayers ask themselves many questions about the reality of their journey in this town. At night, a second journey confirms it was not a dream. Maybe it would have been been better for them because they are now in Carcassone among heretics, demons and soldiers, during the Inquisition.
TidalWave "Cup of Coffee" PG-13
Songfic with Faith POV. Buffy and Faith had a 'thing going on' for a while and that ends.
TidalWave "Sister Slayers" NC-17
After unmasking Faith and choosing to take hindsight with Angel, Buffy is being brought to the Bronze by the rest of the gang who tries to cheer her up...
TidalWave "No Such Things" NC-17
A difficult day begins for the Scooby Gang and for the L.A gang... Everything's wrong... Someone is pulling the strings... Someone who is having much fun... now...
TidalWave "Hungry and ?" NC-17
Faith and Buffy come back from slaying and witnessed a 'special' show that doesn't leave them cold...
TidalWave "Choices" NC-17
A year after "Chosen". Lots of the Slayers went back to their hometown. The gang first started the research for other Slayers and progressively let the task to Giles, Xander and Anya, running it from England where Dawn helps them while she continues her studies. Faith, Kennedy and some ex-potentials are travelling a lot, in groups or alone each time they heard of a demon nest or something. Faith, Kennedy, Vi, and 2 others have spent lots of time in Cleveland the last four months as the hellmouth there had been very active. Buffy and Willow helping them a lot too but progressively the two friends have been more or less settling a bit in LA at the Hyperion with the LA team, as this one is running from here the second 'front' regarding the research for Slayers, they're a great help thanks to the ressources of Wolfram and Hart. Faith and Kennedy are coming back from one of they're nth travel there...
TidalWave "Slayers, Friendship and Loneliness"

(sequel to "Choices")

Set 3 months after "Choices". The three Slayers have travelled a lot, in Europe mostly, defeating every new demon or vampire nest that was reported to them by the new Council. Giles being at the head of it, running it from a hidden place in Great Britain. The funds of the old Council were still intact in several banks, and Giles managed to keep all their international and diplomatic connections intact as well so he was providing the Slayers with all they needed for work related travel, money, passports... And when they were work free they had 'facilities' to find waitresses jobs or stuff like that to prolong their stay by if they liked the country they were in which was always the case. They were in Juarez a town in Mexico in which a group of demon has been terrorising the town for a week... until the Slayers arrived of course, slaying them
TidalWave "Lead Me To Peace" PG-13
My little twist on the end of "Empty Places".
TidalWave "That Little Secret of Yours" NC-17
Takes place during "The Zeppo" and after. Except that Angel never came back from Hell. Buffy is therefore less sad and heavy moody. She and Faith are spending lots of patrolling time together like they were in the beginning of the season before the "Revelations" fight and tension that broke the bond (which in my fic never happened of course, Angel not being here).
TidalWave "Investigating" NEW! NC-17
Faith did not kill Finch and he warned them about the mayor being implicated in dark stuffs. It takes place the following night.
TidalWave "Keeping Her" NEW! NC-17
In season 3, during the exchange scene in “Choices”. Then I changed the ending cause, well, it sucked they let her go that way!!! Let’s make it right!!!!