Eliza Dushku
Name: Unknown Name: Dushku
First name: Faith First names: Eliza Patricia
Surname: Psycho Slayer or the Rogue Slayer Birth place: Boston, Massachussetts, USA
Birth date: Around 1983 Birth date: December 30th, 1980
Height: 5'5 Height: 5'5
Eyes: Beautiful. No, sorry, brown Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Hair: Dark
Family: Unknown parents but suspected of abuse and alcoholism Family: Three elder brothers; her mother is a teacher in a Boston High School
Hobbies: Drinking, eating, fucking, dancing, slaying vampires Hobbies: Visiting her family, travelling
Sports: Combat sports, crossbow archery (see Buffy), lascivious dance Sports: Ice hockey
Color: Definitely black (leather) Color: Black
Distinguishing marks: Likes weapons (especially knives); has a wicked sexy tribal tattoo on her arm; is dressed exclusively in leather; has a dirty mouth; likes doing the contrary of what she is told; likes provoking Buffy Distinguishing marks: Masters the sign language
Filmography: That Night, This Boy's Life, True Lies, Bye Bye Love, Journey, Race The Sun, Bring It On, Soul Survivors, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, The New Guy, City by the Sea, Wrong Turn, The Kiss

Running away from the Boston family house and the probably alcoholic and heavy hand of her parents, Faith meets her Watcher who trains her in her Slayer duty. The latter is quickly killed by a demon named Kakistos under Faith's eyes who fled to Sunnydale to meet Buffy, the Chosen one.

If, at the beginning, Faith is integrated to the Scooby Gang and gets closer and closer to Buffy, the accidental murder of the mayor assistant is going to turn everything upside down.

Faith, gradually neglected by Buffy and her friends, is going to be tempted by the dark side of the Force and to get closer to monstruous Mayor Wilkins, the only person, except for Buffy, to have given her a real affection.

Later, Faith tries to poison Angel. The only cure being the blood of a Slayer, Buffy is going to fight to death against Faith to save her vamp lover. Buffy finally stabs Faith with her own knife. And follow 8 months in a coma.

When Faith wakes up, she tries to take her revenge on Buffy and exchanges their bodies with a spell. Coming back in her body of a goddess, she flees to L.A. where she is hired by strange lawyers so as to kill Angel. After a vain attempt, she tries to make Angel kill her to end up with the evil that consumes her and that she spreads everywhere. Then Buffy comes to L.A. to protect Angel and wants to fight against Faith, ignoring her efforts of redemption. Finally Faith surrenders to the police and goes to jail.

She stays three years in jail but finally escapes when Wesley asks her to help them because Angel has become Angelus again. With Willow's help and after some hard fights, they manage to turn Angelus into Angel.

Faith comes back to Sunnydale to help Buffy to fight the First, the original evil. Faith's return is not easy, but the dark Slayer proves to everyone that she is back on the good side and on the way of redemption while fighting without caring about her own life. Thanks to their common action, the Scooby Gang, the Potentials become Slayers in their turn, and Faith will succeed in destroying The First, signing then the end of the series.