Buffy Anne Summers
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Name: Summers Name: Gellar
First names: Buffy Anne First names: Sarah Michelle
Surname: B (by Faith) Surname: Spence
Birth date: 1981 Birth date: April 14, 1977
Height: 5'3 Height: 5'3
Weight: 45 kgs (entirely fed on non-fat yoghourt) Weight: 45 kgs
Eyes: Green Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde Hair: Blonde
Family: Daughter of Joyce and Hank Summers Family: Only daughter; her parents, Rosellen and Steven, divorced when she was 7
Hobbies: Going shopping, having fun with the Scooby Gang, eating non-fat yoghourts, slaying vampires Hobbies: Shopping, reading, cooking (with non-fat yoghourt?)
Sports: Combat sports, crossbow archery (see Faith) Sports: Diving and combat sports (tae-kwon-do, kick-boxing)
Color: Definitely pastel Color: Red
Car: Doesn't have her driver's license Car: A red truck
Distinguishing marks: Calls her stake Mr Pointy, went out with a vampire, eats non-fat yoghourts Distinguishing marks: Has a dagger above a heart tattooed on her ankle and the Chinese symbol of integrity on the small of her back
Filmography: I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream 2, Simply Irresistible, Cruel Intentions, Harvard Story, Marlowe, Scooby-Doo, Scooby-Doo 2

After that the gymnasium of her former high school was destroyed by fire, Buffy and her mother Joyce move out to Sunnydale, a small Californian town that is also known as a hellmouth.

Buffy carries on her activity as a Slayer under the kind gaze of her new Watcher, Rupert Giles, who is also the school librarian.

She is helped by the Scooby Gang mainly made up of Xander Harris, guided by his hormones, and Willow Rosenberg, the hacker and shy witch. To this hard core are added Cordelia, the rich cheerleader, Oz, the werewolf, Anya, the ex-revengeful demon and Tara, the blonde witch.

Her activities essentially consist in saving the world regularly...